Warhawk Industries Welcomes YouEdit

Hello and im Ryan Warhawk and I am providing you yes you the man on the street who would like to unleash justice on those who either wronged you or you simply want revenge. We here at Warhawk Industries supply countries with our 3 phase plan and if theres a war we supply both sides with ammo so your men wont have to. I have a saying in this line of work..."War is a business that can make or break you...but it takes the man who breaks and turns him to us so we can be the savior to his own war"

Phase 3 ProgramEdit

This promotion or as called The 3 Phase Plan is 3 packages that our buyers get when they come to us.

Phase 1 Edit

Phase 1 is the common ammo, weapons, vehicles, ships and much more but with a few upgrades.

Phase 2 Edit

Phase 2 is our defensive capabilities that will help defend 20,000 square feet of land and the enemy haha wont see it coming.

Phase 3 Edit

Our ultimate phase and the most deadly: Rail Cannons that shoot 6 at a time and we install it on forts, palaces, walls, ships and many more and with the 3 Phase Package you get free install on all 3

Latest activityEdit

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